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The increase was attributed to outside groups like PACs who were able to raise and spend dollars in advertising for the current post-Citizens United regulatory regime. News 2012 presidential essay the basic weekly news magazines read by many U.

The first eight months of were aimed at raising money, rebuilding his organization of the campaign, developed attack lines on his opponents, the Republicans, and launch his campaign from an enthusiastic, united Democratic National Convention.

At the helm was Axelrod with a campaign strategy 2012 presidential essay for winning the Democratic nomination. This includes photos of clothes, recipes, and ideas that are "pinned" and "repinned" and is mostly used by women. Political advertising is a tool embraced by many politicians and has spread sporadically to many parts of the globe.

They did not agree with his suggestions concerning the Obamacare bill and were against his nominations to office. The other importance of Twitter is that one is allowed to communicate with supporters directly.

2012 Presidential Campaigns, the Use of Television&nbspEssay

Economic instability is a weapon that fellow opponents can use to tarnish the reputation of an individual. Newspapers are also forms of media technology used by the presidential campaign strategists in the United States because they are thorough in providing readers with political campaigns, public policies, and political issues Hendricks, Chapter 5, p.

However, its lack of substantive issues in campaigns led Charlic Warzel to assert, "it is the home of meaningless scooplets and dustups of high-profile" Hendricks, Chapter 8, p.

The social aspect that hindered his success is related to the many of the aged population. To the candidates, the new gesture of change emphasized and addressed the individual interests of voters. Pinterest is a "virtual pinboard" site that has been able to give an opportunity for people to organize and share their favorite things Chapter 8, Hendricks, p.

Tumblr, on the other hand, is also a site that gives people the opportunity to share things that interest them like videos, text messages from mobile phones and computers, photos, and music.

At the presidential level, advertising in was extremely negative and evoked anger emotions but marked the highest spending point in terms of advertising.

From this, it is evident that technology played a vital role in ensuring that Obama took the lead in the election cycle resulting in the landslide win over his opponent. Download this Essay in word format. Political advertising in used very many aspects that showed the negative sides of each candidate, but to some, the negative side favored their chances of getting into the White House.

Q2 According to the systems of democrats and totalitarians, new-media technologies have given them game changers because the technologies are connected to the Internet.

This platform reached a vast number of individuals in the shortest time possible with limited travels. The social media has gained increased attention due to new-media technologies and widespread usage Hendricks, Chapter 8, p.

Through them, the users obtained voter information, which helped them tailor and target messages to defined demographics Hendricks, Chapter 8, p.

The Internet in many parts has been used to mobilize citizens and strategize. Another technology is YouTube that has a viral online video for many people to view and share with others.

This implies that technology has enhanced the success and the failure of many presidential election cycles. It has the ability of democratizing delivery of information through submitting information retrieved from traditional media like television and newspapers.

However, the young population pulled their resources together to support a fellow young tuck who are going to look into their problems and issues in a professional manner that will bring significance to their lives.

Furthermore, Obama was keen on reading his emails, which helped him to address other important issues that affected the citizens of U. However, a decline in the number of readers has contributed negatively on budget reports. Therefore, the data analytics and experimental method used by the Obama campaign in assembled a winning coalition vote by vote.

He is a black American and White people did not see the chances of being ruled by a black president in the near future.

Political advertising is an upcoming trend being developed by other countries. The websites of candidates were used to gather and compile personal data for Web page users Hendricks, Chapter 8, p. Besides, it empowers them with knowledge on how to handle political situations that may arise.

Twitter is also another Internet platform where candidates were allowed to air their views and join in on the current conversations and debates.

The pivotal role of Twitter in provided an overall election narrative. Later on, messages are sent, which are tailored and targeted. Obama relied heavily on the Internet; he decided to mobilize his campaign using the massive grassroots organization of donors and volunteers.

The chances of failing with technology are minimal. It is fundamental to note that these modern technologies have improved over time and are embracing current methods of delivering information to the public.

Pinterest and Tumblr are also other forms of new technology embraced by presidential campaigns of Presidential Debate Essay.

Presidential Debate Compare and Contrast The first presidential debate of the elections was an interesting event that showcased the type of character each person possesses.  Presidential Election Written by Star News reporter, Lydia King The Presidential election was held on Tuesday, November 6th, After a long and tumultuous campaign, Barack Obama was reelected to a second term, beating republican nominee, Mitt Romney.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec With the United States presidential elections over, President Obama won a second term in office defeating. Excerpt from Essay: presidential campaigns, the use of television advertising was characterized by unprecedented advertising volumes.

The political advertising in the presidential campaign contributed greatly to the win of Obama into office due to high consistency levels and coherence (Tedesco & Dunn, p. 80). Presidential Election The United States presidential election of is scheduled for Tuesday, November 6, It will be the “57th quadrennial presidential election, in which presidential electors, who will elect the President and Vice President of the United States on December 17, "( Presidential”).

2012 presidential essay
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