An analysis of the greek war of independence as the result of several factors

After defeating the Austrians in Italy inthe French seized and then annexed the Ionian Islands, the chain of islands lying at the mouth of the Adriatic between the heel of Italy and the west coast of Greece. Turkish towns were taken and the Muslim population was massacred.

Moreover, the decisive victory of was won less by the Greeks themselves than by the intervention of England, France and Russia, who thereafter claimed a major role in Greek politics. According to the Caserta Agreement all Greek forces tactical and guerillas were under Allied command. This incident gave an impetus to the American War of Independence.

The Orlov Rebellion also prompted oppressive measures by the Sublime Porte the Ottoman government that increased resentment against the empire. Advised by British ambassador Reginald LeeperPapandreou demanded the disarmament of all armed forces apart from the Sacred Band and the III Mountain Brigadewhich were formed following the suppression of the April Egypt mutiny, and the constitution of a National Guard under government control.

First Phase If the Serbian uprising of began with a spontaneous national response to Turkish attacks, the Greek revolution of began as a planned conspiracy, in which only selected elements of the Greek nation had a role.

Because the Morea or Peloponnessus was rather poor, in only 40, Turks lived there amongGreeks. After some time studying in Italy, he returned to Corfu and played a role in the administration of the island, rising to become secretary of state.

Greek Civil War

How then can we explain the movement that led to revolution in ? In fear of arrest or execution, in self-defense they now joined the revolt. The Greek movement also developed organtisational leadership during the s.

Different branches of the same Greek family often operated in different cities, so that ties of kinship reduced the risks of trade. The other two million were scattered in towns along the coast of Anatolia, the Black Sea or the Mediterranean.

Finally, the distance between England and the United States put a great strain on Britain, which spent a great deal of time, energy, and money ferrying soldiers and munitions back and forth across the Atlantic.

The new King of Greece was not even Greek, but a Bavarian German prince, who brought German cabinet ministers and German soldiers with him. The only success was in the Peloponnesus.

After this war, America became a Democratic Nation. Each of these states had strategic political and economic interests in Turkey, and wanted to make sure that the results of the war in Greece would not hurt them.

Korais, primarily an educator, advocated the education of Greeks about their ancient heritage as the path toward emancipation. Under the table leadership of George Washington, there were several changes in the administrative system of America. Needless to say he was executed in In Serbia, the wealthiest or most educated elements of society were most likely to encounter Western European revolutionary ideas and to accept them as beneficial.

By a series of land reforms over several decades, the government distributed this confiscated land among veterans and the poor, so that by most Greek peasant families owned about 20 acres. The new state faced several key problems and the way in which it proceeded tells us a good deal about the degree to which was a "national revolution" after all.

It seems that the ELAS preferred to avoid an armed confrontation with the British forces initially and later tried to reduce the conflict as much as possible although poor communication between its very independent units around the country might also have played a role.

French interests were partly financial, partly strategic.The polarization and instability of Greek politics in the mids was a direct result of the Civil War and the deep divide between the leftist and rightist sections of Greek society. A major crisis as a result was the murder of the left-wing politician Gregoris Lambrakis inthe inspiration for the Costa Gavras political thriller, Z.

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InNicholas the I of Russia was crowned King of Poland, which was a devastating blow to any prospects of Polish independence. Galvanized by the success of the Greek War of Independence, on November 29,the Polish representative government, known as the Sejm, declared its independence from Russia.

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Greek War of Independence

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Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @. Greek civilization was never completely separated from the rest of Europe.

After the fall of Constantinople, some Greeks fled to Italy and played a role in the Renaissance. There were Greek printing presses at work in Venice in the s and trading contacts sustained some minimal level of exchange of ideas.

The consequences of the American War of Independence were far reaching: Under the table leadership of George Washington, there were several changes in the administrative system of America. After this war, America became a Democratic Nation.

An analysis of the greek war of independence as the result of several factors
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