Aow on legalizing marijuana

All of these have been measured in people with marijuana dependence. Instead, we should try to reduce the use of all drugs and the health problems they cause. Marijuana addiction statistics are similar to the percentage of people who become alcoholics.

Marijuana smoke contains more carcinogens than tobacco. When Maine put recreational marijuana on its ballot, it barely squeaked through by 3, votes, and as of Monday is now legal.

The main indicators of dependence are withdrawal symptoms, unsuccessful attempts to control use, increased tolerance and using larger amounts of the drug or for a longer time than intended. This is a curious rationale for legalization. If an illegal drug is not causing as many health problems as legal drugs, we should not legalize it so it can cause more health problems.

Laboratory studies of brain responses reveal neurochemical changes from marijuana Aow on legalizing marijuana similar to other dependence-producing drugs.

Adults over 21 can now possess two-and-a-half ounces of weed, purchased from social clubs or retail dispensaries, to be used in a nonpublic space or private residence. The proclamation said that the initiative would become a law in 30 days from the signed date, December 31, meaning the law took effect Monday.

Medical marijuana usage has been legal in Maine sincebut previous attempts to legalize it for recreational use have been unsuccessful. Upon abstinence, daily marijuana smokers experience withdrawal symptoms including anxiety, depression, irritability, restlessness, sleep difficulty, strange dreams, anger and aggression — the same symptoms experienced when people stop using heroin and cocaine.

Treatment admissions for marijuana-use disorders have dramatically increased, accounting for 18 percent of admissions inhigher than for heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and prescription painkillers. Resistance to legalization Read More Some towns have opted to become "dry towns" and refrain from having social clubs and retail groups altogether.

We often hear legalization proponents argue that alcohol and tobacco cause more addiction and other health problems than marijuana. Governor LePage has previously spoken out against the legalization.

To prevent addiction from spreading, Washington voters should not legalize marijuana and reject Initiative on the Nov.

The neurobiology of marijuana dependence is well understood through recent research. We attribute rising marijuana addiction to increases in use and the astounding rise in marijuana potency — more than percent higher than in the s. We have received the signed proclamation for Question 1, dated Dec.

Comments No comments have been posted to this article. So while it is legal to have marijuana, it is currently illegal to sell it. We must oppose a massive social experiment that would increase the disease we strive each day to reduce.

Our principal objection is that legalization will increase the disease of addiction.

You can get high and not be arrested in Maine now

Becomes law in 30 days from signed date. What powerful industry in this country simply allows itself to be heavily taxed and regulated?

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Rates of marijuana dependence rise to 20 to 30 percent when people use it at least five times, and 35 to 40 percent for those who use marijuana daily. About 9 percent of people who smoke marijuana even once become addicted to it, and that figure approximately doubles when people begin using the drug as adolescents.

Marijuana addiction is common. Commercial marijuana would quickly become a highly profitable industry. However, retail sales are delayed until February to give government agencies more time to write and implement rules governing the industry.

Will weed be bigger than whiskey? But several decades of research clearly show that what we believed 40 years ago is wrong. The American Society of Addiction Medicine recently issued a white paper outlining our position against marijuana legalization.

Many towns also are considering or have already applied moratoriums on marijuana sales to give government officials time to examine current land use regulations.

Marijuana dependence is the most common type of drug dependence in the United States, besides alcohol and tobacco. But the symptoms of marijuana dependence are the most convincing evidence.Jan 09,  · This is still legal to do, and if your going to want more then two units, it saves you money, and the hassles of having to deal with an approved shop!

Local Lawmaker Is Behind Push To Completely Legalize Marijuana I

campwilde, MilitantBEEMER and Argonaut like this. Assemblywoman Addie Jenne is putting her name on a bill that would fully legalize marijuana. "There are lots of reasons to do this and treating it very similar to alcohol I think is the right step.

Op-ed: Don’t legalize marijuana. It’s addictive

Jan 30,  · The stakes of the recreational marijuana bill were high, but now Maine residents can get higher. NJ marijuana legalization: Has opposition gone up in smoke? Editorial Can marijuana legalization in NJ be stopped? At this point, without a stepped-up presence from police groups and black leaders.

The proposal seeks to legalize marijuana for adults 21 and older, and also seal the records of anyone convicted of a marijuana-related crime that would be made legal under the measure.

Supporters of legalizing recreational marijuana failed on a. Marijuana legalization boiled down to words for November ballot. The voluminous ballot proposal to legalize marijuana has been boiled down to words that will appear on the Nov.

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Aow on legalizing marijuana
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