British colonization in kenya essay

They built on the land, took control of the best farmland, chose new cheifs, and even sometimes married their women!

British Colonization in Kenya Essay Sample

Imperialism is basically when a policy seeking to extend its territories targets a specific nation, and takes it over, the country being much weaker than the colonizer. It all started when Europe all at once realized the potential for Africa. Successful trading brought other countries to the area, with the Persians establishing in the fourteenth century what became the modern city of Mombasa.

Some Indian tradesmen attempted to convert local Kenyans to British colonization in kenya essay also, but failed in doing so.

They wanted to stop other European nations from potentially jeopardizing their trade interests in the Middle East. In order to create more trade opportunities inland, the British built a railway system which could supply the garrison near Lake Victoria, named after the English Queen, and other inland territories.

The Kikuyu became the targets of exploitation, in a process of forced labor in lieu of taxes. Africa had so much trade potential, and being completely untouched by civilization, it had seemingly fertile land, and would even allow for a trade surplus.

ByGermany had already taken a decent amount of East Africa and Britain had to act fast in order to get some new land. They would re-appoint chiefs for the villages themselves who would then report back to the British government, and follow their rules.

However, there was one thing they both had in common, that being; Europes hunger for expansion, always fighting over who will gain what, and racing to conquer the most territory.

Joyce Moss and Lorraine Valestuk. Uncategorized -- critcalmass 4: Although it was their land, the British saw the black natives as lower in power, following the rules of social darwinism. As is the nature of reforms, however, they did not appear quickly enough for those awaiting them.

The British government declared Uganda a protectorate in and did the same for British East Africa the following year. Between New Imperialism and Old Imperialism, there are many characteristics which differed them apart, such as the number of powers that competed and that New Imperialism was agreed to be the final time of expansion.

AfterGermany lost all its colonies and Britain was in sole possession of East Africa. African Literature and Its Times. Local culture and language came from the blending of these populations, which had little contact with the outside world until around C. This force was all that was available when war broke out in in Europe; it was too small to face the German forces in German East Africa to the south.

Before, the Europeans had converted some Kenyan native peoples to Islam. It seemed as if it was too good to be true, but it was not, and all the surrounding countries jumped at the opportunity to colonize East Africa. It could come out to be a very heavy burden on a poor African man because due to ancient tradition, he could have several wives, and each wife must be given their own hut.

They claimed the land unrightfully, and did whatever they felt was needed in order to create their utopian trade nation. They actually banned the Africans from growing the most profitable crops, this way they could be saved for the european economy, and the Africans would still be at poverty levels.

Because of this, the Europeans were easily able to convert many tribes to Christianity. Although slavery had recently been banned, the British still had no respect for the black native people, and oftentimes treated them very poorly. In the wake of the war, and with the emergence of the Cold War, Britain realized both the strategic necessity of Kenya and the need to promote progress so it could maintain order.

History Eastern Africa was home to a variety of populations, primarily Cushites and Niloites from the north and Bantus from the south. The city which ultimately became the capital, Nairobi, was established in that time period and the English settlers took over lands along the frontier of the two largest local populations, the Masai and the Kikuyu.

More essays like this: They soon bought a large portion of land from the Masai, who moved farther south, but the main trouble the settlers faced was a lack of labor for the large farming estates they were founding.

It was immediately known as the Lunatic Express. On a more positive note, the blend of the local language and Arabic ultimately emerged as Swahili, which became the dominant language of eastern Africa.

Soon, mass amounts of people began to come into BEA from all different foreign countries.Free british colonization papers, essays, and research papers.

British Colonization of Kenya

My Account. Your search tempcolon Essay on European Colonization in The Tempest It was roughly “untouched” and they thought they could do anything they wanted (Doc.1).

Great Britain’s colonization in Kenya affected the country’s religion and culture, education, and. The British colonization of Kenya destroyed the culture of the native people, but it established a democratic government and left Kenya a more modernized country.

With this being said, Kenya would not be the country it is today if it weren't for the British. British Colonization in Kenya Essay Sample.

From around to the first World War (), a wave of new imperialism was brought upon the world. The British colonization of Kenya destroyed the culture and economy of the native people, but it established a democratic government and left Kenya a more modernized country.[1] During the ’s throughthe start of WWI, was an age of imperialism.

Free Essay: History Russell McGillivray Kenya The British colonization of Kenya destroyed the culture and economy of the native people, but it established a. Uganda and Kenya as British protectorates were founded in Colonization of Africa employed a number of methods. Aspects Of British Colonialism In Uganda And Kenya History Essay.

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British colonization in kenya essay
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