Concepts of opportunity cost commerce essay

In conclusion, the PPC relates to us the concepts of scarcity, choice and opportunity cost. They consider the profits and social benefits, in monetary terms if possible, and see how they stack up against the costs.

To increase production of the strawberries, the farmer may have to utilise surrounding plots of land which are less fertile. Each dollar buys less and we all probably start to feel poorer.

During hard economics times, they are particularly useful as they can keep businesses alive and give rewards to customers. They suggest every choice is a sacrifice. You might hear the terms real interest rate and nominal interest rate thrown around.

The diamond-water paradox Also known as the paradox of value, this little economics mystery is an interesting one to contemplate.

Balancing priorities between class time and family time presents an opportunity cost challenge. The PPC shows all the different combinations of the two goods that can be produced in the economy when resources are fully Concepts of opportunity cost commerce essay efficiently employed, given the state of the technology [definition of PPC].

When the demand is high, the price goes way up. You should also compare the latest numbers with the same month the previous year to avoid getting confused by seasonal differences.

A diamond could be sold for a large amount of money, while water is given away for free. The annual rate of return over a year period beginning the year you enter school on your investment in the MBA, based on the projected salary increase of a typical student with your characteristics.

The estimated number of years, beginning from your entry into business school, that it would take at the new income level to make back the amount of money invested. Prices Opportunity Cost as the Basis of Decision Making Some economic principles in fact, most of them are not limited by the sphere of economics and have great influence over the other lines of human activity.

It suggests that acquiring an MBA part-time while employed, as compared to a full-time student, minimizes the payback period for the cost of education at the expense of the non-monetary demands on time, energy and family. The manufacturers then move on to the next in-demand product so they can make the most profit.

Nevertheless, a careful examination of choice elements, namely money, time, energy, and family, may minimize the degree of sacrifice MBA. Sign up How we use your email? MBA classes demand time.

Inflation is the increase in the overall prices of products and services in the economy. Money supply Though most economic concepts work together in the market, this one is very closely related to the following two ideas.

The money supply is altered largely through Federal Reserve policy, which can be used to affect bank deposits and print more money. Overview on how PPC reflects scarcity, choice and opportunity cost The side diagram is a production possibility curve. In other words, due to scarcity, society chooses what goods and services to produce.

Opportunity Cost as the Basis of Decision Making

But knowing exactly what that means and how to interpret the data is much more complicated. The projected income level is for illustrative purposes only and does not include raises above inflation. When the PPC shifts outwards, some of the previously unattainable points will become attainable.

Explanation and elaboration on how the PPC reflect scarcity An increase in the production capacity in the economy will lead to an outward shift in the PPC resulting in a decrease in scarcity and vice versa [point]. For instance, the invention of the smartphone and tablet computing has led to a change in the tastes and preferences of society towards electronic publications.

The idea of opportunity cost is one of them. Is it worth it? This makes us value it less, but if there were a water shortage, we would gladly pay large amounts to make sure we had enough for our survival. More importantly, unless we have corporate sponsorship, the hidden cost is the job opportunity lost.

Therefore, increasingly more units of other goods have to be given up to produce each additional unit of the good [explanation and elaboration]. Thus, the PPC is concave [example].

Essay on Opportunity Cost

Explanation on how the PPC reflect choice A change in the tastes and preferences of society will lead to a movement along the PPC which reflects a change in choice [point].

Costs and benefits This is basically the pros and cons list your mom has been encouraging you to make for every life decision, only applied specifically to economics. Equally important are the non-monetary elements of time, energy and family.

You might think that just churning out more and more money would solve a lot of our financial problems since there would be plenty of cash available, but changes in the money supply can affect interest rates and cause inflation.

Using the PPC, explain the concepts of scarcity, choice and opportunity cost. [10]

If you would like to get a great custom written essay, order it from us today. Income savings minimizes the sacrifice of lost income and thus quickens breakeven, ROI, while preserving potential increases in salary.Opportunity Cost Essay Scarcity of resources is one of the more basic concepts of economics.

Scarcity needs trade-offs, and trade-offs result in an Opportunity cost in terms of economy is the highest-value alternative one has to give up to engage in an activity. In other words, using the same. 10 Economic Concepts Everyone Needs To Understand.

Knowing these concepts will benefit you whether you’re 18 or 80 and will help you be a better, more informed consumer and employee. An opportunity cost is basically the best alternative you’re sacrificing to take on whatever opportunity you’ve chosen. Even in economics, it can. The E-Commerce Opportunity - The E-Commerce Opportunity A secure e-commerce Web site can provide businesses with powerful competitive advantages, including increased online retail sales as well as streamlined application processes for products such as insurance, mortgages, or credit cards.

Opportunity Cost essays The term "opportunity cost" refers to the fact that money is finite and can be spent in a number of ways, or invested, and that each opportunity to use that money has both obvious and hidden costs as well as obvious and hidden benefits (Sivaramakrishnan, ).

Opportunity Cost as the Basis of Decision Making Some economic principles (in fact, most of them) are not limited by the sphere of economics and have great influence over the other lines of human activity. Faculty of Commerce - Papers (Archive) Faculty of Business Threshold concepts and their relevance to concept of opportunity cost has been selected as a prime example of a threshold concept.

This paper subjects Threshold Concepts and their Relevance to Economics* *Work in Progress, Comments Welcome.

Concepts of opportunity cost commerce essay
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