Criteria for a good thesis statement

Did you discover any new ideas or connections? Never assume that the meaning of a sentence is obvious. Does your thesis include a comment about your position on the issue at hand?

This is really the beginning of two different thesis statements. If the government takes over industry in Kenya, the industry will become more efficient. Say more than what is already proven fact.

Tips on Writing a Thesis Statement

It is difficult to write a thesis statement, let alone a paper, on a topic that you know nothing about. If you write a thesis statement like this it will often help you to keep control of your ideas.

Start with a tentative thesis and revise as your paper develops. Weak "narrative" topic sentence: Is your thesis statement clear? Your thesis statement is no exception to your writing: The sentence that captures your position on this main idea is what we call a thesis statement.

To avoid misunderstandings, be as specific as possible. Why should the reader read it? Based on what you know and the required length of your final paper, limit your topic to a specific area. Sometimes it is useful to mention your supporting points in your thesis.

The topic sentence should relate to your points and tell the reader what the subject of the paragraph will be. Avoid merely announcing the topic; your original and specific "angle" should be clear.

Where Does the Thesis Statement Go? They work well to get a rough draft started, but will easily bore a reader.

The topic should be something you know or can learn about. Be as clear and as specific as possible; avoid vague words. Thesis Statements A thesis statement defines the scope and purpose of the paper.

Search for concrete subjects and active verbs, revising as many "to be" verbs as possible. It should also say something original about the topic.A is a sentence used in an essay that serves as the guide for the essay and directly answers the question or task asked of you.

A thesis statement expresses the main idea of your paper. read the writing prompt and the two sample statements. Choose the one that is the best choice for a thesis. This handout describes what a thesis statement is, how thesis statements work in your writing, and how you can craft or refine one for your draft.

Introduction Writing in college often takes the form of persuasion—convincing others that you have an interesting, logical point of. Evaluation and Grading Criteria for Essays. Thesis and Thesis Statement.

English Composition 1

and if you use plenty of specific evidence to support your thesis and the individual claims that comprise that thesis, then there is a good possibility that your essay will be insightful. Clarity. A mission statement tells employees, customers and vendors how you will achieve your company's vision.

Five Criteria for a Mission Statement

It provides a measuring tool for new ventures and a way to approach day-to-day business. A thesis statement focuses your ideas into one or two sentences.

It should present the topic of your paper and also make a comment about your position in relation to the topic. Your thesis statement should tell your reader what the paper is about and also help guide your writing and keep your argument focused.

A good practice is to put the thesis statement at the end of your introduction so you can use it to lead into the body of your paper. This allows you, as the writer, to lead up to the thesis statement instead of diving directly into the topic.

Criteria for a good thesis statement
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