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It is, indeed, interesting to imagine what would have happened if all these and similar men and women of action had passed their lives in contemplation.

All these sciences have the same demonstrative structure, and rely on universal, invariant principles. Without energetic action, life would stagnate. Hence, a thought demands action to be complete and action without thought also has no worth.

Aristotle believes that if the human can achieve the best of the intellectual state i. This, however, is not to say that contemplation has no use whatsoever in human life. It is actions backed by these ideas which keep the contribution made by philosophers and thinkers alive from generation to generation.

Life is Action, Not Contemplation Essay

It is best to live life both in thought and deeds. The attitude of mind expressed by Tennyson is certainly not to be envied or encouraged.

A man who is always thinking and doing nothing because of indecision is like Hamlet. We have greater thinkers and better scholars in India, but there is none like Mahatma in action.

And his description of Aristotle as an ethical generalist depends upon his own view about the role of ethical science in practical reasoning which, as we will see, is not unproblematic. The human can only do so much to apply virtues in life. Life is a system of duties. Goethe rightly said that action was the soul of life.

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In conclusion, in the words of Dr. Such an intellectual and philosophical past has been our indulgence for long. When we function at our best, we can reach our final end, and that final end is happiness. In the happiest life, then, practical pursuits are not only compatible with theoretical ones, but the distinction between "practical" and "theoretical" nearly disappears.

A life of thought and reflection would be quite futile if thought is never transformed into practical action.

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Without great deeds, life would become static and would lose much of its charm. Every deed needs some thinking. But a good thinker is a benefactor of mankind.

Reeve, Action, Contemplation, and Happiness: Worse than that it kills all healthy desire for action. Contemplation induces peace of mind, tranquility and contentment. Mere breathing, eating is not life, for even animals eat.

Such an attitude is not to be imitated or encouraged. In the case of action and practical thought, however, learning begins with what Reeve calls "practical perception," which is the experience of pleasure and pain in the perceptual part of the soul.

The march of civilization has largely depended on men of action, men who believe adventure to be the very breath of life. Such action does not represent life. He later argues that man must possess practical wisdom and it is impossible to be practically wise without being good and a good man Essay life is action not contemplation one who is happy.

These translations are comfortably clear and readable, which makes them accessible to readers of all levels. It makes a man introvert and by and by, removes him far away from the stuff which constitutes life.

It is the foresight of knowledge and experience to be able to deliberate upon correctly. Because Aristotle is basing his argument on virtue ethics, he is not trying to derive a rule but, deriving a good person.Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews is an electronic, peer-reviewed journal that publishes timely reviews of scholarly philosophy books.

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Man is born with the divine command. As it is written in the Bible, “God commanded man.” Life is certainly neither a bed of roses nor a dreamy contemplation. There is action and struggle in every inch of it. Man has to struggle against. Life Of Contemplation As Per Aristotles Argument Philosophy Essay.

Print Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. You can a particular amount of contemplation in life is necessary to achieve virtue and happiness in life.

Life of contemplation. Goethe was the greatest thinkers of the Nineteenth Century. He knew life steadily and knew it whole. We find in this opinion of his a profound understanding of life.

Related Articles: Essay On The Ambition In Life. Life is action, not contemplation. Human beings were created so differently from other animals. While other animals exist just for the sake of looking for food, sleeping and reproducing, man has the freedom and ability to do more.

Life is Action, Not contemplation. This is a famous line form Goethe, the great German. Life has both action and contemplation. A life of thought and reflection would be quite futile if thought were not to result in action. What is An Essay March (1) About Me.

Essay life is action not contemplation
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