How to write a grimoire

A word of caution, unless it is a second language to you or you are fluent in the language I would not advise this method. Save yourself the time with clear, cohesive documentation and what better way to do that than with illustrations?

Over time, your increased skill will make your Book of Shadows a worthy text for your Wiccan practice. If you are serious about your path and training in craft, I would insist that you must and should and are required to keep a grimoire or work with some form of personal record-keeping?

How to Create Your Grimoire: Inspiration from One Approach

There are already way too many negative vibes, man. So I shall share that text with you today. Where do you start? Yep, that sketch over there in the top left is of chicken feet.

Maintaining a glossary is very easy if your magickal journal is online, just allocate a page for it like I how to write a grimoire here, and fill terms in as you go. And you can make it for yourself.

Keep a list of chants, herbs, potions, recipes, keep everything in specific sections so that if you are looking for a love spell, you can go straight to love spells in your book, if you want a healing spell you can immediately find it.

One practiced traditional Chinese medicine and the other was way into talismans, spirit contacts, ghosts, and woo.

Start with some simple things, like a little story about the best time of day for you to write, or your favorite writing tools, or a memory of when you decided to become a writer.

Witches' Grimoire

Take your time, but do not worry if you make a mistake, just corrected in a simple way, the most common is just to cross it out and put the correction straight after it.

This is a little bit like writing your own bible. By keeping a list of gods and goddesses, their energy associations, and what spell you used them for, you can instantly look up the deity you need for your a particular ritual.

You never know what else you might learn or experience about each element or component. Kuan Yin embodies my aspirations, so it was fitting to sketch Her on my front cover. First, decide different categories of spells and set space for each category.

Also, when you buy paper remnants this way you are in fact helping the environment. Both operated under an oral tradition and wrote nothing down. You can collect all of the bibliographic information in one place and list them in MLA or APA style, or you can put the information on each of your pages, or you can use a combination of both.

Blog Categories On how to make a grimoire Some people have asked about my post on why I have a grimoirewanting to know a little more about what goes into it. If you can, also illustrate the critical steps of a spell or energetic working, the same way this cookbook illustrates the critical spells of a recipe.

Below is a snapshot of a page on using selenite wands and the importance of having a selenite wand in your collection of tools. It also increases the potency of spells and is good for banishment spells and against negativity.

Take all this into consideration as you prepare to write. Appendices An appendix is a reference that appears at the back of a book appendices is plural. What are those components for you and what are the correspondences for each of these basic components?

My rule for adding a word to the glossary on this site is if I use a term that I think a new witch would not necessarily know. First, you do not have to have a totally awesome dragon-embossed tome.Write down every single spell you use, any items you use associated with the spell, incense, fragrant oils, herbs, document each word spoken, the intention, the outcome, and the names of any deities or spirits you invoked.

Write down your meditations, documenting your circle casting, what you did within the circle and how long it took. Before you dive into working on your grimoire, plan out these introductory pages. Think about it, type out drafts, and have it all worked out before you start.

Then the first thing you do when you work on your grimoire is create these introductory pages. Next, the basics.

On how to make a grimoire

What does magical writing consist of? Nearly everything you write down to do with your craft is magical writing. When you put something in your Grimoire or spell book you are compiling magical writing. It is the same if you write a spell or a ritual. Some even go so far as writing in either the Witch's alphabet or some other symbolic ultimedescente.coms: 2.

Welcome to The Traveling Witch! I write about my adventures on the road and help busy & nomadic witches find ease and confidence in their witchcraft. The Traveling Witch. Feb Feb 14 How To Create Your Own Grimoire As A Beginner. The type of book you want is going to depend on what you want out of a grimoire.

Write out a list of what you. Nov 08,  · This entry was posted in Grimoire and tagged baby witch, book of shadows, Grimoire, grimoire contents, grimoire guide, how to start a grimoire, index, magickal journal, organization, organizing a grimoire, protecting a grimoire, protection, protection charm, sigil, table of contents, what's inside a grimoire, witch, Witchcraft, witchcraft for beginners by Brigitte.

Start with some simple things, like a little story about the best time of day for you to write, or your favorite writing tools, or a memory of when you decided to become a writer. Something that is you.

How to write a grimoire
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