Manufacturing process of nike products

Nike was soon become the trade company during after complete IPO, and also become one of the largest aerobic industry by extend the business in different field.

According to their data, the Chemistry part which include: Since the paper is the study about the Nike shoe, there are several issue need to be focus on.

Census of manufactures Industry series. From the research paper, I start to think about how to avoid the material waste without bringing more harm to the environment. However, there are always safety risks of working in the industries. Some of them contain the organochlorines from the industries waste, and some other chemicals have been banned can be found in their body, and people die or ill because of eating those fishes through time.

This tendency has cause serious environmental pollution problems without people realize the effects are not only toward our intake habit, living environment, but also the shortness of our natural resources.

First of all, the waste of raw material is the most consumption overall during the production process. Using recycled material is a key part of that effort. A supplier group includes a parent entity and all of the subsidiary entities the parent company directly or indirectly owns or controls.

However, we could not find any further information of the high heel shoes when we doing our research.

Why Nike is making most shoes from manufacturing waste

There are lots people trying to get a job in the industry and working fulltime or overtime even thought with low pay and without full insurance coverage, especially in those poor areas and countries. Nike Secondary, the material waste bring serious pollution not only toward the air, but also the ocean and land which cause the dramatically change of the environment.

From this measurement can show that Manufacturing process of nike products the workers have been suffer from dust, fume, asthma, hypertension, suffocation, eye irritation, nausea, dizziness and all kinds of illness.

The report proofs that all the workers in the footwear industry have the highest hazard of getting lung cancer and other illness by long term expose under those pollution than the people outside.

Department of Commerce and Economics and Statistics Administration provide the data and sources base on the shoe industries and related businesses. The labor not only have to deal with the operation of the machine, sometimes they have to machining manually by themself.

Therefore, the manufacture not only support economic of the wholesale market, but also toward the household through website.

If you get it right, policing [factory conditions] actually becomes less important. This includes line workers involved in the production of NIKE products and all other employees such as managers, administrative staff, Human Resources employees and maintenance staff.

Bill Bowerman was a coach of University of Oregon, he focus on how to make athletes exert their full strength and abilities by innovating different needs such as drinks, field surface, and the most important one, the running shoe.

Manufacturing Process

Starting from the transportation industries, the shipment require tremendous Manufacturing process of nike products such as paper carton, wood pallet, and PU barrel adding to the outer layer to protect the goods inside which waste more than 5 million tons each year.

For the purposes of this site, migrant workers refer to workers who have migrated from one country to another foreign migrationas well as people within a country who have moved from one location to another within its borders internal migration.

The official website of Nike, all kinds of products detail and historical event are publish on this website. For this kind of situation, some of the company have own method to exam their worker health condition regularly which is PEER.

The total number of workers is calculated based on the total number of employees at each contract factory. This is still only the pollutions focus on the Nike footwear industries without other areas, if we take all different factors into consideration, how enormous the waste and the pollution will be?

Another problem is most of the cities close to the industrial area have sewage problems because the facilities exceed the amount of capabilities which is 13, tons in the U. Brands Represented in the map: For example, it has not contracted with factories in Myanmar, and has limited operation in Bangladesh due to concerns about working conditions.

From the official Nike material sustainability index MSIthey are trying to use the scoring system in their company to evaluate the material used in their product by lay out all the materials they use and the chemical residues in their product to ensure the safety of their products.

During the Paris climate talks last year, which led to a pledge to curb global emissions signed by more than countries, rival Adidas introduced its own prototype of a 3-D printed sneaker made partly of recycled ocean plastic and fishing nets.

Even thought Nike is trying to focus on green technology by reducing the waste and need of the natural resources, the process of inventing new elements and material is still require using different materials and testing.

Not only human have to suffer the poison of those chemical and pollution, but also impact the marine ecology, tons of living organism dead or either survive with those chemical inside their body.

Over hundreds of years people are living in a environment where surrounded by all kinds of technology and cannot live without them. With the idealize scheme still cannot improve the environment and is really hard to find a good way for people to follow. Feb 16, The pollution of the Nike footwear As we discussed in our group, first we were thinking about doing the high heel shoes.

The data on this site is reflective of, and can be filtered by, Nike which includes the Jordan BrandConverse and Hurley.The production line manufacturing process is very suited to high volume manufacturing of a single product or product group.

For example, a production line may be used to manufacture a range of vacuum cleaners, where the only difference between the models is the color of the plastic assembly and the attachments that are.

The new Nike Air Max Air sole boasts one of the largest, tallest, and most visible cushioning systems to date and contains more than 70% recycled manufacturing waste.

The VaporMax Air sole, which contains more than 75% recycled material, has allowed Nike to remove the need for a foam mid-sole.

Nike Manufacturing Map:

in order to identify problems stemming from the production process or product content. For apparel, equipment, and footwear products, Nike has developed standardized testing guidance, including specified test methods, test request forms and failure resolution forms.

Some of the key provisions of these guidelines are summarized below. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker.

Nike Reuse-a-shoe also receives shoes that were not used but perhaps defective in the manufacturing process. These shoe parts can be put back into shoe and apparel uses (Nike Reuse-a-shoe).

Nike Reuse-a-shoe is a great way to reduce the carbon foot print and to keep shoes from going into landfills. May 11,  · Instead, Nike said it would work towards reducing its own emissions, including the eventual goal of a "closed loop," eliminating all waste products from its manufacturing process.

5 environmental.

Manufacturing process of nike products
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