Speech on save animals

Animals that are at risk of extinction are considered endangered. The more beaches we humans have to swim on, the less there are for other creatures to live. One way to do this is, instead of writing on one side of a paper, write on both sides.

We have contributed to animals getting endangered too. Endangered animals serve as indicators. Therefore, endangered animals are valuable economically and ecologically. Man is the only creature that consumes without producing.

Testing on animals is cruel and also animals are not models for humans. The power of human beings is proven by the fact that, they can tame and use an animal that is much larger their size.

These animals are not dying through natural causes but by human actions. As you can see we have most of the fault in animals getting endangered and extinct. Transition to first main point: Animals are considered as property only. An animal that is in danger of being extinct is the tiger.

Animals like tigers ,elephants, turtles are also killed for decorations for humans. The South China Tiger is one of the ten most endangered animals in the entire world according to china.

She picked it up and brought home. If the theory is true, the meteor that crashed down to the earth wiped out the whole species. There are many ways that we can protect animals by taking care of our own environment.

No one can even possibly try to guess the number of insect and plant species in danger.

The history of animal abuse started off in ancient times. We also see animals humoring us on television. Another example is use a towel, rather than paper towels.

During the early nineteenth century, animal experiments emerged as an important method of science and in fact, marked the birth of experimental physiology and neuroscience.

This means they are extinct in the wild. This is what scientists that test on animals see everyday."The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the ways its animals are treated" was written by Gandhiji.

Man is the only creature that consumes without producing/5(20). Endangered animals have to be very well protected because if we do not take care of the few ones that are left of one species, the whole species could disappear completely. Examples of some endangered animals are: the Sea Otter, the Panda Bear, the Siberian Tiger, the American Bison, the Mountain Gorilla, and the Liberian Lynx.

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By as many as one fifth of all animal species may be lost, gone forever. In recent times, hundreds of species have become extinct as a result of human activities. Animals are also such valuables as plants and its our duty to save them as they are inlcuded in our eco system and it is also used for food by humans most of encient human beings used animals as there food and they reared animals for wool skin milk meat and forguarding their home or industry or someplaces like such to protect them from being stolen/5(49).

Subject: Essay/Speech on “Animals” Mode: Medium Grade- 4 Target Age Group: years Total sentences: 25 Contributed By: Nehal Gupta, Ahmadabad God created all living things. So we should respect each other’s existence.

We should also admit the fact that god has given much power and intelligence to his favourite creation, the human being. C.

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Closer: You can help save endangered animals by protecting habitats, conserving energy, visiting national parks, recycling, planting trees, joining organizations, or symbolically adopt an animal. Doing all these things not only helps protect and preserve endangered animals, but the environment as well.

Speech on save animals
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