Students law122 ethics module v7

English language; global or multi-national sources focused on low and middle-income countries; literature reviews systematic when possiblemeta-analyses or large, population-based multi-country studies; addressed VAW, VAC, or both; had a broad focus that included prevalence, Students law122 ethics module v7 factors, consequences, and policy implications excluding sources with narrow research questions or focused on specific dimensions of violence such as consequences or interventions ; reviews of intersections between the two forms of violence again excluding those that focused on a narrow research question or a single intersection ; published in peer-reviewed journals or by international organisations such as United Nations agencies; published within the past 12 years except for the WHO World Report on Violence which remains an important source for its global scope.

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For example, if version 1. Computers and projectors will be configured for the x resolution. Open in a separate window Mapping key intersections To identify intersections, we analysed the themes that appear in international publications identified using the following inclusion and exclusion criteria: This article provides a narrative review of the global evidence on intersections of VAC and VAW — defined more broadly to include sexual violence by non-partners.

Table 1 Search terms and strategies for individual intersections Intersection Search strategy, inclusion and exclusion criteria Shared risk factors Risk factors, correlates, perpetration, victimisation, review, systematic review, and meta-analysis combined with all search terms used for developing the framework.

International human rights treaties endorse broad definitions of VAW and VAC that encompass a wide range of perpetrators, contexts, and forms, including acts of physical, sexual, and psychological violence, and with regard to children neglect and exploitation 12.

Opportunities for greater collaboration include preparing service providers to address multiple forms of violence, better coordination between services for women and for children, school-based strategies, parenting programmes, and programming for adolescent health and development.

For the discussion of adolescence as a time of vulnerability we drew from the previous review of risk factors and from the programmatic literature about promising responses to violence prevention. We review global evidence for each intersection with an emphasis on research from low and middle-income countries.

Historically, research, programmes, and policies on these forms of violence followed parallel but distinct trajectories. This pattern is common across the indexed literature. Sources from high-income countries comprise a majority of the published literature.

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Studies from many countries also document high levels of emotional abuse and neglect of children 2. We limited sources to English language publications within the past 12 years January —Decemberexcept for a few important older sources.

This search identified 48 sources, including: Mac through Mac Office Use the following information when creating your presentations. Additional terms were used for moretargeted searches for each of the six intersections see Table 1.

The following versions are supported: Adolescence falls between and within traditional domains of both fields and deserves greater attention.

Google Scholar yields over 1.Case 1: Ethics in Life “Sami is an undergrad. While standing in line at Starbucks one day, she sees an iPod fall out of the side pocket of the backpack being worn by.

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Students law122 ethics module v7
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