Ten apples up on top writing activities

It was cool to see how they also practiced problem solving as they were printing to try and get each part of the apple to print and make a cool mark.

Seuss activities on my Dr. You can find the entire tutorial over on Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas.

Notes I did not have the kids assemble their suncatchers. If you love Dr. The kids thought it was so neat to get to make their own pies just like their parents do.

Free Apple Printable for Ten Apples Up On Top Activities {Instant Download}

We also talked a little bit about pressure and how it ten apples up on top writing activities how much paint ends up on the paper. Our last activity of the day was to make easy mini apple pies with the kids.

The kids especially enjoyed the squirting water part. Next week we will be focusing on a different Dr.

Some kids decided that they wanted to explore color patterns and added one or two reds, then a green sticker, and then a yellow one and then another red one. I gave each child a sheet of dot stickers with four colors on them.

Seuss, you may enjoy these other Toddler Approved activities featuring Dr. I definitely would only use them with kids who could use them responsibly and with full adult supervision. I baked them at for 10 minutes and probably overcooked them. Then I added numbers one through ten on top of their heads so that the kids could make 10 apples on top of themselves!

Instead of using spray bottles, we used eye droppers Send me a good pie crust recipe if you have one! The also kids practiced making observations as they commented on other pictures and noticed that some friends had more or less apples on top than they had.

The kids worked on mixing colors, drawing lines, and Next we did a Ten Apples Up On Top Name Hunt To start I drew a really rough picture of the lion from the book at the bottom of a piece of paper. We also talked about the size of their names and the other letters in them. Seuss for preschool pinterest board if you want to follow along and get more ideas for your little ones.

The simple counting sticker activity that I had originally planned turned into much more than that. Next we did some apple printing! We will be making them again.

Which one would you pick? I was sure glad that I forgot to tell them that. Notes Each child was at a different stage with regards to recognizing their name so I helped remind them what letter their name started with.

Some kids needed to look at the poster to see their name so that they knew what they were looking for As kids learn to pull stickers away from their backings they strengthen their finger muscles and as they stick the stickers in place they also work on building their fine motor skills.

If you can believe it We discussed the concepts of over, under, on top, and next to. Some kids decided that they wanted to have more than 10 apples on top of their heads, so they added 12 or 13 apples.

The kids got to roll out the dough, press it into the muffin tin liners, scoop the apples into the muffin tins, and then cover the mini pies with extra doughThe Ten Apples Up On Top Student Picture, Memory Book Page is a just for fun page for your students to draw themselves with "ten apples up on top." This activity goes.

This Ten Apples Up on Top counting activity is so much fun! It combines literacy, math and fine motor skills practice, so it is full of learning opportunities.

My son has really been interested in doing activities that go along with books.

The classic Dr. Seuss book, Ten Apples Up On Top, is one of our favorite stories. It features a lion, a tiger and a dog balancing apples on top of their heads. Since my kids love to do book activities, I created this Free printable counting activity.

Theme: 10 apples up on top.

79 Pins math and writing: ten apples up on top & balancing beanbags. Free apple printable (instant download) for Ten Apples Up On Top activities; 10 apple photographs with and without numbers ; can be used with cubes or Duplo blocks. See more. Ten Apples up on Top Book Review Ten Apples up on Top by Dr.

Seuss is a rhyming counting book. In the story, a lion, a dog, and a bear compete to see who can balance the most apples on. Crafts and Activities To Do Along With Ten Apples Up On Top! Dr. Seuss has a birthday next week and we are excited about it! I am hosting our little preschool for the next four weeks so I thought I'd share some of the Ten Apples Up On Top book inspired crafts and activities we did this week.

Ten apples up on top writing activities
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