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On their journey, Granado and Guevara cheekily pass themselves off as doctors working on a cure for leprosy to obtain free board, lodging and motorcycle maintenance.

They meet tenant farmers who have been high-handedly evicted and forced into itinerant labour - either fruit-picking or working in unspeakably grim and dangerous mines, in each case for foreign interests, often from the US.

Great photography, humor, action, and drama are all ingredients of this movie.

The film does not begin to preach or to make the Che Guevara of Cuban militancy fame a hero: There are here and there chunks of dialogue so bleak they can only have come from real life.

This summer, they seemed to alternate between "fcuk" and that famous image by Cuban photographer Alberto Korda, captured while Che was at a rally inprotesting about counter-revolutionaries who had blown up a Belgian freighter full of Cuban armaments and killed dock workers in the process.

Despite what Chekhov said about what happens when you see pistols in the first act, Che never uses this gun. The acting of the movie is first class: Ten Stars for this one! No more need be said.

And all this in And, the movie was filmed in Argentina, Chile and Peru. Both have an eye for the ladies, which gets them chased out of town by furious husbands.

The Motorcycle Diaries

But Alberto here calls Ernesto by a nickname that has vanished from history, "Fuser". Humanism, Awareness, Coming of Age: But they also come into contact with a species they had never before properly encountered: The question of violence is all in the future.

Even Jimi Hendrix has more context.

It is more likely that they are a sentimentalisation of Che himself, for whom this film contrives the slightly humdrum climax of swimming heroically between two islands of the leper colony.

The journey has given him the insight that he must devote himself to changing the inequality and poverty of his America. His is a career to watch! Like a sort of photojournalist, he reprises their cameo roles in sepia-hued, black-and-white portrait shots at the end, their rugged and weather-beaten faces beaming at us, as it were, outside the narrative.

These are said to have given Che his ferocious rages: Che was to become an admirer of Stalin - for a time at least - and a brilliant, ruthless military leader who had no objection to punishing transgressors by sending them into battle without a weapon; that is, to their certain death.

However, the movie concentrates on how the world changed Ernesto which in turn led him to try to change the world.

To some, these portraits will look like glorified tourist photos, or even a sentimentalisation of poverty. In fact, we forget all about it. In Spanish with English subtitles 84 out of 96 found this helpful. Gael Garcia Bernal gives an incredibly thoughtful, stunning portrayal of Che, saying so much more with his eyes, his body language especially as he suffers through his own physical demon of asthma attacksand his perfect embodiment of the spirit of a man who becomes enlightened by the peasants he comes to love.Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Motorcycle Diaries at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

'Motorcycle Diaries' is exactly what it says it is, the diaries of an eight-month adventure of two young men, although to be exact, the latter part of the journey was actually on foot, after their beloved motorcycle's well-earned 'retirement.'.

The Motorcycle Diaries is a wonderful, heartfelt film about two Argentinians who decide to bike across South America from Buenos Aires, 83%. Oct 01,  · "The Motorcycle Diaries" tells the story of an 8, mile trip by motorcycle, raft, truck and foot, from Argentina to Peru, undertaken in by Ernesto Guevara de la Serna and his friend Alberto Granado.

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If Ernesto had not later become "Che" Guevara and inspired countless T-shirts, there would be no reason to tell this story, which is /5. Feb 06,  · Watch video · The Motorcycle Diaries does a great job of sketching out the character of Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, without any pandering to our knowledge of who he will become.

There are no cheap shots and only one 'Che' joke-to explain the origin of the nickname, which is a play on the Argentinian accent/10(K). The Motorcycle Diaries movie reviews & Metacritic score: This film follows an inspiring journey of self-discovery and traces the youthful origins of a revolu.

The motorcycle diaries review
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