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Lot C, consisting of five cubes, was treated exact- ly as A and B had been. At 28, pounds load flaking occurred near the upper surface. Loads were appliad in increments of aoout twelve hundred pounds. Those mixed with heated materials showed "better results than those with unheated.

The actual work of making the cubes to be tested was then taken up. This percentage of T/thesis-370.txt 370 in the sand T/thesis-370.txt 370 stone was fottnd as follows: The ahsessAs are t. The failure was characteristic of concrete and a sketch of the failure is shown in Pig.

The third and fiaal division of the work consisted of testing the aforesaid cubes and cyl- inders in a testing machine, to find their crushing strength. At quarter poirt s on the ring set screws were placed, as shown on Pig. In the determination of the densest concrfitte, three mixtures were tried, namely: The characteristic curves for th,is T/thesis-370.txt 370 are shown on Plate VI.

None of the cuhes which were exposed to the action of the cold approached the standards in strength. The cubes were mixed indoors, the materials being at ordinary room heat or about 65 F. The lot designated by the letter A was placed outdoors for seven days, and then placed indoors for seven days, being then tested.

Two wrought iron rings were made of one inch hy one half inch material. Then, measuring the height to which the concrete rose in the buckets, its volume was readily computed. Lots P and Pi were also standards made of unheated materials, mixed indoors.

The mixture was 1: They were then tested. Then water was poured into the pailful of stone until filled, when it was weighed again. A smaller size set screw was placed on the underneath surface of the upper ring Shown as B in Pig. Description of Apparatus used in Measuring the Deflection.

The ratio of the weight of water required to fill the voids, to the weight of a pail of water multiplied by gave the percentage of voids in the stone. The mixture as before was 1: B AA Plate V. Each hatch con- sisted of five cuhes. Thus we see that concrete made of warm materials, being mixed and cured in a warm atmosphere, far exceed almost any other in strength.

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The area of the compression surface was fifty and three tenths square inches. In the second lot of cuhes keated materials were used. The ring was made to a diameter of alDOut nine inches. Micrometer was placed "between these two points and the length measured at each increase in the load.

Column A had a length of 13 inches and a diameter of 6. Cold materials, mixed and cured in a warm place, form a concrete not much "belo? The average temperature during this period was T/thesis-370.txt 370 P. Reference to the talDulated results will show the detrimental effect of frost upon the concrete.

Then a point was located on the upper side of the lower ring in plumh with the small screw. Testing of Column A. The first batch, known as A and A, con- sisted of ten ordinary 6 inch cubes of 1: Pive of the cuhes were left indoors for a week, then taken outside for a week, and then tested.

Column B failed at a much lower stress. Heated mat- erials were used, and the concrete was mixed indoors. This lot was known as B. Tls n a bucketful of water was weighed alone.of Tecfejaoiogj' UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES AT Oehne, W.

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