Urbanization and overpopulation

Cheaper and More Readily Available Products Having cheaper and more readily available products and services is something that is probably only a serious advantage in the short term, but it is an effect that overpopulation can have on a society.

Alliance-supported candidates did well throughout the Great Plains and South in the elections of Living in cities permits individuals and families to take advantage of the opportunities of proximity and diversity.


The odds of reduced rates of hospitalization and death from asthmas has decreased for children and young adults in urbanized municipalities in Brazil. The increase in productivity leads Urbanization and overpopulation economic growth and higher value-added employment opportunities. These areas have less social cohesion, and therefore less social control.

Traditionally, the fertility rate is strongly influenced by cultural and social norms that are rather stable and therefore slow to adapt to changes in the social, technological, or environmental conditions. Mostly, the information is incomplete which results in sexually active teenagers unaware of contraceptives and embarrassed to seek information about same.

More people means increased number of vehicles which leads to traffic congestion and vehicular pollution. Services and industries generate and increase higher value-added jobs, and this leads to more employment opportunities.

Eventually, these activities raise several urbanization issues. Causes of Urbanization Industrialization Industrialization is a trend representing a shift from the old agricultural economics to novel non-agricultural economy, which creates a modernized society.

Following this came the industrial revolution. By Katie Luoma November 21, While people are moving from place to place more and more, the world is undergoing the largest wave of urban growth in history.

When rain occurs in these large cities, the rain filters down the pollutants such as CO2 and other green house gases in the air onto the ground below.

Human overpopulation

Then, those chemicals are washed directly into rivers, streams and oceans, causing a decline in water quality and damaging marine ecosystems. Rapid urbanization matched with continuous population growth will put big pressures on infrastructure, the environment, and the social fabric of cities.

Government of various countries might have to come with various policies related to tax exemptions to curb overpopulation. Larger consequences of the problem Every large and developed country today at some point went through rapid urbanization and population growth.

Slums and informal settlements: In some regions where urbanization happens in wealthier areas, a rise in property crime and a decrease in violent crime is seen.

Reduced mortality rate, better medical facilities, depletion of precious resources are few of the causes which results in overpopulation.

The Effects of Overpopulation & Urbanization in China

A direct result of this has been increased lifespan and the growth of the population. While the West also experienced an influx of European immigrants, it mostly attracted immigrants from China.Rapid urbanization matched with continuous population growth will put big pressures on infrastructure, the environment, and the social fabric of cities.

How the world meets the challenge of sustainable development in the face of rapid urbanization will continue to be at the forefront of public policy.

1 Chapter 1 Effects of Population Growth and Urbanization in the Pacific Islands More than 35 percent of the people of the Pacific islands live and work in towns, and the rate of. Industrialization, Urbanization, and Immigration Business and industrialization centered on the cities.

The ever increasing number of factories created an intense need for labor, convincing people in rural areas to move to the city, and drawing immigrants from Europe to the United States. The Advantages of Overpopulation Overpopulation is said to be a major problem for the human race.

Many scientists agree that the human population is quickly reaching the point at which the planet will be unable to sustain it. Rapid population growth and urbanization will have a dramatic effect on the increased demand for jobs, housing, energy, clean water, food, transportation infrastructure, and social services.

It will also be a significant factor in. Urbanization is the increase in population in rural areas and move to urban areas. Urbanization has occurred due to natural increase in population (excess of births over deaths) therefore causing migration.

Urbanization and overpopulation
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